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Procon Pacific’s value lies not only in our cutting edge bulk packaging technologies, but in our unique and innovative sourcing and production strategy. A multi-faceted, multi-dimensional system allows us to supply just the type of FIBC products you need, when and how you need them by leveraging a vast array of qualified local in-house and outsourced resources. Our clients have told us our strategy has paid off, but we’d like to invite you to find out for yourself.

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Why Procon Pacific?

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Our mission is a simple one: to service our clients in an extraordinary manner by providing a superior product at an economical price, delivered with exceptional service. Whether you are responsible for the FIBC procurement at one facility or several facilities on a global scale, our goal is to exceed your expectations.


Our state-of-the-art production facility opened in 2012, and is located 200km west of Shanghai, approximately three hours drive from Pudong International Airport. In short, we believe you should choose Procon Pacific because our clients are our number one priority, not making bulk bags. As surprising as that statement may sound, it is the truth. We are in business because we fulfill our clients’ needs for semi-bulk packaging goods in an exceptional manner, always on time.
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Procon Pacific is able to provide world class packaging products and on time delivery where and when it is needed across the globe.